Chances are, if your teeth are overcrowded, overspaced, or if you have an underbite, an overbite, or a crossbite, and you want to improve the overall condition of your teeth, then you’re an excellent candidate for Invisalign clear aligners. At AC Dental of Langhorne, we provide the area with our premier and expert dental services, including treating our patients with Invisalign technology, to provide them with dazzling smiles and excellent overall oral healthcare.

Just about every orthodontic candidate is a potential Invisalign patient. While one of our highly-trained and specialized dentists can properly assess your particular situation, we can consult with you and find the most ideal, efficient, and effective method to properly align your teeth and get you the smile you deserve.

The Multiple Advantages of Invisalign

Worrying about unsightly and traditional metal braces is a concern of the past. With Invisalign technology, self-conscious patients have nothing to worry about, because their aligners are not only clear, but they’re removable as well. This means that there are no brackets to clean, no fasteners to floss around, and no wires in which food and other debris can get stuck inside.

Invisalign technology also creates convenience regarding the cleaning of your teeth. Since they’re removable, they can easily be taken out of the mouth after eating to thoroughly clean its contours, but also to ensure each nook, cranny, and crevice of your mouth is cleaned before replacing the aligners inside your mouth.

Simple and Straightforward Care

Maintaining your Invisalign clear aligners is quick and easy, and requires little effort. Simply rinse your aligners every time you remove them. Bacteria and saliva can easily stick to them and give them an unpleasant odor, so it’s best to keep them rinsed and cleaned whenever possible.

Cleaning your aligners with toothpaste is also a great idea to keep them fresh and free from odor. Make sure not to use an abrasive toothpaste on them, as this can wear away at the aligners and even create small bacteria traps. In addition, always close your aligners in their case when you’re not wearing them to keep them safeguarded from germs and other bacteria in the environment.

At AC Dental of Langhorne, we’re committed to perfecting our patients’ smiles through Invisalign technology and our other dental services. For a consultation with one of our expert dental professionals, call us at 267-544-7017 today!