At AC Dental of Langhorne, we believe in helping our patients preserve their natural teeth whenever possible. While we offer dental extractions in Fairless Hills, PA, and the surrounding areas, we understand how important it is to attempt to save a patient’s natural tooth before moving to extract it. In some cases, a patient’s tooth may be beyond saving. However, in cases where there is potential to save the tooth, patients should undergo a root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment and How Can it Save Natural Teeth?

When the pulp inside of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal treatment is performed to repair the damaged tooth without removing it completely. Once the pulp is removed, and the tooth is cleaned, the canals are sealed so that bacteria cannot re-enter the tooth. After the root canal treatment is completed, the patient will follow up with their dentist to have their tooth fully restored by having a crown placed on the tooth. Once a tooth is restored it can last a lifetime, allowing patients to keep the feel and functionality of their natural tooth.

Why Choosing A Tooth Extraction Over Root Canal Treatment is Not A Good Idea

Many patients believe that having their tooth extracted is a simpler and less expensive option than undergoing root canal treatment, but that is not the case. Patients who have a tooth extracted and don’t have a dental implant installed may see their teeth shift to fill the empty space left behind by their missing tooth. When teeth shift, they can become crooked, or negatively affect a patient’s biting or chewing ability.

Dental professionals recommend that a patient have a dental implant or bridge placed where their tooth was extracted to avoid problems with shifting. No matter what replacement tooth a patient picks, nothing will function or feel as good as their natural tooth.

Why You Should Choose AC Dental of Langhorne for Your Root Canal Treatment

At AC Dental of Langhorne, we are proud to provide every customer with the highest quality dental care in Langhorne, Fairless Hills, Levittown, and the surrounding areas. We have successfully provided countless root canal treatments with minimal pain or discomfort to our patients.

We are always happy to take on new patients, so if you are suffering from an infected or damaged tooth, you should book an appointment with our professional and friendly staff. You’ll be happy to know that we also offer 24-hour dental assistance in Levittown, Langhorne, and Fairless Hills for patients who are experiencing dental emergencies that just can’t wait.

If you are in need of root canal treatment, please contact our office at 267-544-7017.